Since 1994

About Me

I am Juan Carlos Cerrato, I was born in 1994 and I am an industrial designer and product developer. I live in Benidorm, Alicante. I consider myself a proactive, studious, dedicated, responsible person with goals in life. I like sports, and nature, and I love the combination of both.

Soy Juan Carlos Cerrato, nací en el año 1994 y soy diseñador industrial y desarrollador de productos. Vivo en Benidorm, Alicante. Me considero una persona proactiva, estudiosa, dedicada, responsable y con metas en la vida. Me gusta el deporte, y la naturaleza, y la combinacion de ambos me encanta.


I have studied industrial design and product development, at the UPV, on Alcoy´s campus. I know industrial design, Solidworks, NX, 3dsmax, Autocad, Rhinoceros... and graphic design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe family...


I know about making photos and editing them in photoshop, illustrator and other programs. I have an reflex, Canon EOS 510D

Web Development

I have learned about web development with wordpress, and differents more editors. I tipically use google domains for web name, hostinger for web hosting, and elementor to create a special and originals designs.



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Contact Me

  • +34 660 938 447
  • Benidorm, Alicante

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.